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#183 Straws. Yes, straws

I’m talking about plain straws. Allow me to explain. If I have time in the morning before I head out to work, I will make a healthy, delicious smoothie. Please refer to the smoothie recipes earlier in the book for specific ingredients. I seal on the travel top that pops open, allowing me to drink while driving to work. However, smoothies (if you do it correctly) are a bit thicker in consistency, and sometimes more challenging to drink while driving. They take longer to move towards the opening, which means that you are holding the cup right up to your face. The result of this being that your vision may be slightly impaired while driving, which is not the safest way operate the vehicle. The other downfall of drinking the smoothie while driving is that while tipping the cup towards your mouth, you will usually get some amount of smoothie on the bridge of your nose and around the edges of your mouth. I’ve been working this system long enough to know that I need to check my face for blueberries before getting out of the car. Then one fine day, it occurs to me to pop in a straw though the hole at the top of the lid. You don’t want to remove the lid all together. That could be more disastrous than you had signed up for. But tossing a straw into the hole of the lid allows you to enjoy your delicious beverage, while getting to work safely and blueberry free. And THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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