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#185 A meal for the entire family

Cooking a meal at home that every single person in your family likes. The kids are 8 and 6, so their preferences include: pizza, pasta with butter, grilled cheese, and sometimes cucumber sushi. Or macaroni. Who doesn’t love macaroni? However, my husband and I eat a little differently. And by ‘differently’ I mean more adult food that includes: chicken, fish, and steak. The kids are eager to jump on the bandwagon, so we’re easing them in slowly - cause I ain’t makin’ two separate meals! So last night we made rainbow trout, roasted sweet potatoes that were marinated with maple syrup and cinnamon seasoning. After an hour or so in the oven, they were perfectly soft on the inside and just crunchy enough on the outside. The final dish of the meal was a salad with feta cheese (kids love the feta), strawberries, and roasted almonds. Each individual chose their own dressing, and everyone was happy as a clam! Success. Finding a meal that both children and adults can enjoy CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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