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#189 A hot chocolate and warm shower after tobogganing

A hot chocolate and warm shower after a day of tobogganing. You love flying down those hills, squealing along while the snow flies into your face, mouth, and sometimes inside the neck part of your coat. It’s now wet in there, and you're cold. Very cold. You’ve gone for as many rides as two hours will allow, and now your feet are frozen, and your nose is running. The rest of your body is just a little bit sweaty for pulling the sled up the hill over and over. But by the end, it’s now turned into a cold sweat, and you're uncomfortable to say the least. So you pack up the sleds, kids (or your partner), and head home for some hot chocolate and a nice long warm shower. You peel off your damp clothes, throw them into the hamper, (if you’re organized), and prepare the shower to just the perfect temperature. You know what I’m talking about. The perfect temperature is when you step into that shower, the water hits your body, and you feel like you’ve just experienced what heaven must be like. You let out a massive sigh and allow all the warm water to heat every part of your body and loosen every muscle. If you’re so inclined, feel free to bring music into the shower to sing out your favourite tunes. But if you just feel like soaking in all your warm water glory, you go right ahead. You deserve it. So go hit those hills and enjoy every minute of the ride, because a hot chocolate and warm shower afterwards CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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