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#19 Blueberry Smoothies

My older sister has been making blueberry smoothies for years. Every time I would visit her in NYC where she had been living over the past four years, she would try to get me onboard, just like a little pill pusher. But I was NOT having it. While I love a variety of fruit, blueberry just wasn’t my bag. Neither was protein powder, which tasted like chalk dipped in dog poop. It was disgusting to say the least. Yet every visit, she attempted to reel me in and take me down. And as sisters do, she tried to pin me down and plug my nose so that I would be forced to open my mouth for air, during which point she would pour down the smoothie. And while there was no doubt she was stronger than me, I was short and fast. She pleaded and promised that it was delicious, that the protein powder didn’t taste like vomit after a night of drinking followed by chicken schwarma. It took her a few good years of effort, but I caved. And guess what? It was DELICIOUS! It was the best smoothie I’d ever tasted, even with the protein powder. I now make that blueberry smoothie for breakfast every morning, and use a spoon because it makes it last much longer.

So here are the ingredients for your new favourite smoothie: frozen blueberries, vanilla almond milk, banana, Sun Warrior chocolate-flavoured protein powder, and almond butter. You’re welcome.


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