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#190 Folding a load of laundry and finding a match for every sock

Folding a load of laundry and finding that every single sock has its match. Woo woo! It’s like a little laundry miracle. You don’t know exactly where the other socks disappear to. But there are certainly occasions where you end up one sock short. You look under the dryer, beside the dryer, and trace your steps upstairs from the laundry room. But no such luck. That one sock is gone forever. Which means you now have one useless sock that will never be put to use again; unless of course you’re keen on sock puppets. Otherwise, the single sock ends up in the garbage after hoping that its match will mysteriously reappear. But it never does, and you’re out yet another pair of socks. So when you fold the laundry, and find every sock has it’s match, THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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