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#192 Haagen-dazs caramel cone explosion

Haagen-dazs Caramel Explosion ice cream. I feel like I’m cheating a little bit here because I’m a devoted chocolate fan. But something strange happened to me a few weeks ago. My husband introduced me to his favourite flavour, and while at first I politely declined, he persisted until I finally had a spoonful. My life was changed forever. Too bad for him I’ll eat an entire container before he can say, “Caramel Explosion”. That was his own doing. And while it’s not chocolate, it’s a delicious soft vanilla ice cream with pieces of sugar cone and caramel that just about explodes pure and utter joy in your mouth. Feel free to let it sit on the counter for ten minutes before scooping out your portion so that it’s soft and provides the perfect ratio of the creamy treat and melted vanilla. Your taste buds will forever be grateful. Gone are the days of chocolate-fudge brownie and peanut-butter chocolate. Perhaps they will return again one day. But for now, Caramel Explosion has CHANGED EVERYTHING!


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