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#193 Having a Good Cry

Sometimes life can be stressful. It seems to be designed that way. Perhaps it’s to help build our resiliency. Or maybe it’s to keep us balanced, humble, and grateful for the things we have. Or maybe the universe just has a sick sense of humour. Whatever the reason, there are periods in our lives when things can become overwhelmingly stressful. It starts out small and hidden from consciousness; manifesting itself in slight irritability and a lack of patience towards others. It’s difficult to notice at the beginning. And even when and if we notice the strain, we shake it off and believe we can handle it. We pushed forward in our daily lives as the stress builds until we become a version of ourselves we don’t recognize. You may not recognize the sky as blue anymore. You may fail to hear the birds sing. You may want to flee the scene and rent an apartment in Italy. Or you find unhealthy ways to release that stress, such as smoking, drinking, shopping, gambling. All of these give us an immediate sense of relief; a time out from all the negative emotions we are experiencing. The problem is, the original struggle is still there, and now we may find we have a secondary problem. However, releasing that strain through a good cry can be incredibly cathartic and healing. So let it out! Find yourself some comfortable space, and let it rip. If you need a trigger, any episode of Grey’s Anatomy or This is Us should do the trick. And throwing on any James Blunt song can also be helpful to get you over the edge. Just let it go because having a good cry CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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