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#196 Building a Badass fort in your living room

It’s late March or early April, which means it’s pretty much raining daily. The good news is that it’s the weekend, so no one has to go out and get cold and wet. The bad news is that you’ve already played hockey and basketball in the basement, coloured many pictures, and watched a Disney movie. The kids are getting restless and starting to bicker constantly, which means you are starting to lose your mind. You need an activity and you need it fast. Insert Badass Fort Building here. Use whatever couch cushions you’ve got. Bring down all extra blankets and sheets from the linen closet. Use chairs from the kitchen. Bring down small stuffed animals for decoration or toys to play with inside. And try to build a sunroof if you can. Just make sure you’ve got both an entrance and an exit. And make sure you can breathe. Once you’ve got it all together, stand back and feel proud of the kids new playground/sleeping space because you didn’t spend all that time so they could tear it down after an hour. It’s time to enjoy. So crawl inside and enjoy every minute of your magical fairytale fort because another hour of your kids being occupied without killing each other CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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