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#199 Waking up your kids to 'I like to move it' from Madagascar

We all know it’s difficult to wake up your kids; even if they do have their own alarms. Like any self-respecting adult, they want as much sleep as possible and do not want to get out of bed. So they hit snooze and lay there until you finally get your own lazy butt outta bed and go into their rooms. If you’re lucky, they’re already awake and just need the nudge to start getting dressed. But sometimes they are ‘not fully cooked’ and are less than pleased about being taken from their comfy beds. And they’re not shy to let you know it either. Most likely you will hear a variety of whining, pleading, and growling if the first two do not work. You get it. You’re tired yourself. But do you really need to struggle first thing in the morning? So on one particular morning, you pull out your phone and find your iTunes before looking up, ‘I like to move it’, which the kids know from the Madagascar movies. You crank up the volume, and slowly dance into the first child’s room, who you discover, has already heard the music and is full-out dancing on his bed. You join in together, raising the energy, sharing the moment, before moving on to the next bedroom where your six-year-old daughter sleeps (a little trickier). You find her with the pillow covering her ears, trying desperately to protect herself. It’s a coin toss as to which way this could go. But you carry on dancing in her room, and eventually jump up on her bed, dancing away until she finally starts giggling and stands up to join you in all the bed-jumping action. The plan was a success, both kids are up and moving, and you’ve started the day with smiles and giggles. And THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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