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#201 When you're on a road trip, having to pee so badly, and the 'enroute' sign finally appears

Road trips are one of the best adventures out there; provided you find the right tripping partner, of course. You’ll need to find someone who, you not only can tolerate for extended periods of time, but who’s company you actually enjoy. This is no small task, so please consider this carefully. If you choose the wrong travel partner, you could be up the creek without a paddle within an hour, as he or she talks incessantly, sings horribly along to the music you would never listen to in a million years, and is mapping out every detail of your trip, leaving you very little, if any, breathing room. By hour two with this individual, you’ll want to either chew your arm off to reallocate the pain, or throw yourself from the moving car. This is why you need to consider your road trip partner carefully. But let’s assume you do. I’m an optimist. You’ve been cruising along the highway now for four hours straight, laughing, talking about your most embarrassing moments on this earth, when you realize you have to pee. No problem. You’re no chump. You can hold it in. But there is no service centre in sight. Another hour passes, and while you are singing along with your buddy to The Bands, ‘Up on Cripple Creek’, you feel like you may explode. You are now sitting on one foot to prevent any accidents. But it’s not looking good for you. You look around your surrounding area to see if there is a bush you can hide behind to release. Unfortunately for you, it’s all open road. You’ve now surrendered to the fact that you might have to pee in the car, and are now looking for an empty cup. Your road trip buddy notices what you’re up to and gives you a very clear signal, ‘Not in my car you’re not!’ But then, far off in the distance, you see the magical ‘en route’ ramp and your prayers have been answered. You’ve got less than three minutes to go until you experience the best pee of your life. So go on that road trip and drink up to keep yourself hydrated, because that en route sign on the horizon CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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