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#203 Taking a day off during the week

Everyone else is either at work or at school. So it kind of feels like your skipping, which provides a healthy amount of that naughty feeling. Because everyone else is occupied with work or school, there is no one to have to make plans with. We sometimes jam in plans with people or they try to make plans with us because it’s been so long since you’ve seen each other. But this day is just for you. No obligation to see anyone else or compromise on how to spend your day. So feel free to lay in bed binge watching any show you like. Make breakfast at noon and bring it right back in bed with you. Go see a matinee if that’s your thing. Remember, today is just about you. So think of all those little things that bring you joy, and DO IT! Because having a day off during the week means that you get to spend the day doing anything and everything that makes you happy. AND THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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