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#206 Chicken Soup

It’s the best. Whether you’re sick in bed with the flu, you blood sugar is low because you’ve been working all day and haven’t had a moment to find nourishment, or it’s a cold and rainy day in April, you really can’t go wrong with chicken soup. You will be immediately warmed up from the inside out, creating an overall calm feeling in your body. And the excess quantities of sodium are enough to bring you back to life. Throw in some noodles or a few matza balls if you like. Try crunching up some Premium Plus crackers and throwing them in the mix. You want to make it completely from scratch? You go right ahead. It’s not my bag. But I fully support you. And if you can find someone to make it from scratch for you, extra points. Just remember before diving in head first that it could be hot, and you don’t want to burn your taste buds before enjoying your entire bowl. So go get yourself a cup or bowl, and curl up under a blanket because chicken soup CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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