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#207 Singing on opening night and not messing up once

Every year over the past five years my wonderful husband has produced a musical charity show in honour of his late mother. There were a number of different charities that touched her life, and supported her along the way. So each show helps to raise money in support of mental health, a cure for leukemia, and children in poverty. This year my crazy husband decided to produce three shows, and in one of them I was a singer. It’s normal to be nervous on opening night. It’s the first performance in front of an audience; people who you know, admire and respect. And you don’t want to muck it up and have to painfully listen to them tell you how awesome you were, even though you know damn well you flubbed that line, were completely off key, or forgot to sing at all. It’s a sad state of affairs, and trust me, it can happen. So when you make it through the first show without any muck-ups, you feel like you’ve totally rocked it. Your adrenaline is pumping, you could give Adele a run for her money, and are ready to take on the world! You believe in yourself, and are proud of what you’ve worked so hard to achieve. And THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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