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#212 The first real day of spring

Living in Toronto, Canada, spring can be a tricky business. Despite the fact that March 21st has past, which means spring has officially arrived, the temperature could very well be somewhere around zero and there is a good chance you’ll still see a snowfall. And I’m not talking about some light flurries here. I’m talking car-covered, slippery-sidewalk, snowboot-wearing snowfall. The truth is, it happens every year. So why are people so surprised when it snows in April. There’s bound to be a least one more downpour of those beautiful snowflakes. But I get it. You’re tired of it already. It’s been four months of a yucky, cold, and wet winter, and you’re over it. I cannot blame you. But you live in Canada, people. You know it’s going to happen. Move south if you can’t hack it. If I’m to be completely honest, I don’t mind it all that much. I mean, there’s hot chocolate, toboggan rides, building a fire that makes your clothes smell like pure delicious wood-burning heaven, and enough blankets to curl up inside while watching movies. The best part of winter for me is the idea that it is the time for ‘planting seeds’ sort of speak. Unlike summer when there is ample opportunity to be outside running, biking, swimming or walking the streets, in winter time, you are bound to the indoors, which is the perfect time to start a new project. Write a book, a screenplay, start writing a business plan. The winter time is time to plant some seeds and watch them grow in the spring. However, that first day when it’s truly spring is the best. The air smells like fresh, green trees. You see the first buds of yellow and purple on the trees. And it’s time to take off your jacket before hitting the park. Yes people, the first day of real spring tells you it’s time to delayer, throw on your baseball hat, and get outside for some fresh air, biking, and pure enjoyment. And THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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