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#217 Family baseball in the backyard

Spring has finally sprung, and the kids have effectively gone stir crazy from being cooped up indoors all winter. It’s time to get out. And get moving. Lucky for you, you’ve got a wonderfully big backyard that is begging to be used. Of course it’s not a full-sized baseball diamond; you ain’t daddy Warbucks. But you certainly have enough space to create a make-shift diamond designating first base as the tree to the far right of the yard, second base as the green slide, third base as the fire pit, and home base right by the backdoor. You’ve got a bat, a soft tennis ball so that even if you get hit, nothing will break, and four people to play. It’s rare to have all adults on deck at one time because if one person is playing, it usually means the other is making some meal, folding laundry, or cleaning up the mess from the previous activity. Or at work. But not today. No sir! Today is all about quality family time outdoors. Your kids are in heaven because they not only get to run and play outside, but they get to play with all of you. You look at your partner and smile in recognition that FAMILY TIME TOGETHER CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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