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#218 Surprising Yourself

I love psychological thrillers. My happy hormones kick in as I curl up under a blanket with my freshly popped bag of popcorn to watch a murder mystery. It’s exciting, scary and fun; especially when the freaky music comes in to warn you that someone or something is about to pop out with a knife. You lower yourself down in your seat and pull the blanket up just underneath your eyes, as if that will somehow protect you from the moment of some characters demise. You know you will jump a little and let out a scream. Why fight it? Enjoy it. There are some classics like Misery, Sleeping with the Enemy, Silence of the Lambs and Cape Fear. There are some amazing moments in each one. But one of the best experiences is when you figure out ‘who done it’ way before the movie reveals the true villain and before any of your fellow movie watchers. When you find out you were right all along - pure satisfaction. When you realize just how clever you are, that you could probably write this stuff, and are capable of a lot more than you had thought - well, THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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