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#221 When things don't work out as planned...they work out even better

Getting to the airport for your 40th birthday trip to Nashville and having your name called by customer service because they're bumping you off the flight due to the very unfortunate fact that it's been overbooked. You try to plead with them by telling them about your birthday trip and booked concerts to no avail. They tell you that they will look for other volunteers and let you know. You then tell them you suffer from anxiety and take medication. But again, no luck. You take a seat and wait another four hours at the gate before they finally confirm that, indeed, you are being bumped. But here's where it all works out. Despite the annoyance at having to be at the airport for nearly six hours and getting nothing accomplished with the exception of eating a delicious Wahlburger, the airline is giving you $800 for each ticket, a hotel voucher for the night so you don't have to go all the way back home, and a $15 voucher for food. Your concerts don't start until the next night and you got fully refunded for your hotel booked that night. Pain in the ass for sure. But in the end I think we won. The airline paid for basically our entire trip. And now we get to shop without any guilt. Doesn't that in itself, CHANGE EVERYTHING?!


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