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#227 Checking off your 'to-do' list

I mean, seriously. How good does that feel? Your brain is most likely in overdrive enough with all that you need to get done in a day. So instead of trying to play the ‘recall’ game and tearing your hair out because you know you’ve forgotten something, it’s written down on your phone so you can just breathe and relax. That list ain’t goin’ nowhere. Think you need to pick something up on the way home from work but don’t remember what it is? No problem. Just pull out the old list. This is where the real fun happens. Getting’ it done. The list may look slightly daunting at first. But every time you check something off that list, you get that feel-good hit of accomplishment. You get a high just from knocking something off your list. And don’t it feel good?! So get out that notes section on your phone and start typing it all down. Because crossing them off one by one CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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