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#23 Your Own Space

I mentioned earlier that we are hard-wired for connection. That we do better when surrounded by our friends and family; even if they are a little nuts sometimes. That’s what makes them so special. When we disconnect ourselves too much from others, it can lead to feelings of isolation and depression. So it’s important, not just for our survival but for our overall state of well-being, to have people around you who care about you, who laugh with you, who cry with you, who tell you when you’re being crazy, and who put their arms around you and hold you when there is nothing else to say. We need people. However, we also need to have our alone time. When we’re with others, we extend our energy to them, which is wonderful until we have no energy left. We only have so much energy, and when we are constantly extending it to others, we eventually run on empty, which does not turn out well. When we have our summer jam parties, I’m super social Sally for the first couple of hours, and then I have a desire to hide in my bathroom with the door closed and my heads phones on. I get sucked dry. My energy reserve needs to be replenished. And a great way to do just that is by having some time in your own space. Whether it’s sitting down with a book, a trashy Hollywood magazine, an episode of your favourite show, a journal, a guided meditation or just taking the time to breath, we need space to ourselves to replenish our energy and feed our souls so that we can give back it right back to others.

Time to yourself in your own space CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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