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#230 Having a good cry

Life can be stressful. We all know this to be true. It builds up inside us and starts to affect our regular functioning. We may be edgier than normal with others, which can lead to fighting and disconnection. It can result in a lack of focus at work and affect our performance. It can lead us to isolate ourselves from others, leading to further upset and disconnection. We can turn to alcohol, drugs, food, etc. to try and numb the strain we are experiencing. And while it may work in that moment, it will only lead to further pain. The stress needs to be released. One of the best ways is through some form of exercise. It gets out all the negative feelings, and refuels your body with endorphins that make you feel happy and motivated to deal with the world again. Meditation is another great way to manage strain. Our brains are so active with negative thoughts, meditation can help us to be present in that moment by quieting the destructive voices in our mind. Of course one of my favourites is to dance and sing it out. Whatever way that you can release that doesn’t result in holes in your wall, you go right ahead. As long as it’s not destructive to yourself or others, rock on! That said, one of the best ways to relieve stress is to cry. At the core of our anger, frustration and stress is sadness. So let it out your eyeballs. Because when you do, your body releases cortisol, which is the stress hormone. So find a comfortable place, throw on some trigger music or sappy scenes from Grey’s Anatomy if need be, and let it rip; because having a good cry CHANGES EVERYTHING!

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