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#231 Calling in sick

Having the flu sucks. No doubt about. You’ve got a runny nose. You’re sneezing left, right and centre. And any form of colour has been drained from your beautiful face. On top of it all, you’ve got work, where, no doubt, you will simply spread that virus to others; which will eventually make its way back to you for another round. Awesome. Instead, you choose to call-it-in and crawl right back in bed, where you will spend the day dozing in and out of consciousness and catch up on your reading material before passing out again. You will watch back-to-back episodes of your new favourite show Bossgirl, and slurp warm chicken soup. If you’ve got popsicles in your freezer, you go right ahead! They serve to cool that sore throat of yours, along with the added pleasure of sugar. Maybe you’ll do some writing from the confines of your cozy, virus-infected sheets. Maybe you won’t. But what you will do is prioritize your health and wellbeing by staying home to take care of yourself. So call it in because practicing self-care CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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