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#234 Finding out your pregnant

I remember sitting on my deck reading Cary Elwes’ book about his experience making The Princess Bride, while eating a delicious leftover bean salad. That might sound weird. A delicious bean salad. But let me clarify. In addition to the navy beans, it also had avocado, toasted pine nuts, tri-coloured tomatoes, and BBQ’s corn. Need I say more? I sat in my lounge chair, enjoying my lunch when my cell phone rang. When I looked at the call display and saw that it was my doctor’s office, I knew I was going to find out if I was pregnant or not. My whole body got tingles and I was so nervous. I had twenty-eight eggs, and only one good embryo. The chances weren’t high. We were riding on one tiny embryo. Which apparently was all that we needed, because I was pregnant. And THAT CHANGED EVERYTHING!


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