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#25 Chicken skewers from Costco

Never did I meet a chicken that didn’t require sauce until I tried these. Not only are they delicious and convenient to add to a salad, but they are just as good on their own; even for breakfast when running late. Here are a few more options when using the delicious chicken skewers from Costco:

1. Make your own chicken souvlaki wrap. You’ll need a wrap, tziziki sauce, chopped onions, cucumbers and tomatoes. Take a skewer and cut into smaller pieces. Lay out your wrap flat and spread that delicious garlic tziziki sauce right down the middle before adding the rest of the content. Roll up your delicious wrap, and close both ends, before heating up your life-changing Panini presser. Grill until you find those beautiful golden brown lines on your wrap, telling you that it’s been grilled to perfection and that you’re about the have the greatest lunch. Sit down, cut the wrap in half, and enjoy every, single, bite.

2. The best burrito. Start with the wrap again. Spread a decent layer of guacamole on the wrap, or feel free to cut up pieces of avocado if you so desire. Cut up your chicken skewers and place down the centre of the wrap before adding shredded mozzarella and cheddar cheese mix, roasted peppers from the dinner you made last night (taco night!), and salsa. Wrap up that beautiful baby before placing gently on that Panini presser. Grilling instructions same as above. Sit down, cut in half, and savour each and every flavour.

3. Best bean salad. This one is great to make on a Sunday night so that you’ve got lunches for an entire week. Take out a large bowl and drain a can of navy beans before placing in the bowl. Then chop red onions into little tiny pieces, along with tri-coloured cherry tomatoes and cucumbers. I like to add BBQ’d corn to this one. But sometimes I’m lazy and will just throw in a can of corn. The choice is yours. I then add either pine nuts or almonds or pistachios to give the mix a little crunch. The last ingredient I add is avocado, which I throw on at the end so that the whole thing doesn’t become mushy. Finally, throw in your chicken and favourite salad dressing before enjoying your healthy and delicious lunch.

So head on to Costco and grab a package of those Mediterranean chicken skewers because they truly CHANGE EVERYTHING!


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