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#257 Signing your first contract with a literary agent

SIGNING YOUR FIRST CONTRACT WITH A LITERARY AGENT - For my first novel, Basketcase, I self-published for two reasons: The first, because everyone said it was next to impossible to get an agent (P.S. They were right), and second, because self-publishing seemed to be the way of the future. For my second book, however, I wanted to go the traditional route with a literary agent. I went into this massive conference room where agents were set up at individual tables ready to be pitched. Authors had three minutes to pitch before the alarm went off, and some eager sci-fi enthusiast bulldozed you out of the way. After my first pitch, during which my entire body was shaking from head to toe, I moved on to the next agent. I sat down across from Marilyn, and we hit it off immediately. She was passionate about my book, and believed whole-heartedly in my mission. We exchanged contact information and I sent her the first three chapters. She provided copious amounts of valuable feedback, and I fixed it up until it was ready to be submitted to publishers. I’m thrilled to say I signed my contract and have my first literary agent. Game changer!


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