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#259 Spending NYE with old friends

I think this one requires a little back story. In first year university, my friend (we’ll call him Byron) and I made the transition from friends to boyfriend/girlfriend. It was short-lived, mind you. Maybe four months max, which was my average relationship. When things ended, there was a transitional period that required some space and distance before we could return back to being friends. But we did. The things we liked about each other’s personalities didn’t change just because the romantic relationship didn’t work out. We both knew we wanted to be in each other’s lives. He got married. I got married. He has two kids. I’ve got a few rugrats running around the house. We’ve maintained a friendship for over twenty years. But here’s the funny part. I like his wife even better than him. Some women would be unhappy about an ex-girlfriend still coming around, but she was not thrown for a second. She was so grounded in who she was, what their relationship was, she knew I wasn’t a threat. And so she got to know me for me, and I for her. I liked her. A lot. She’s a warrior. I call her to make plans (for just the two of us), talk to her about all my fertility experience and fears, and watch her as she walks though motherhood like a total champion. Visiting her in the hospital the day after she gave birth to their second, you would’ve thought she just ran out for groceries, whereas I’m guessing I’ll look like I’ve been hit by a transformers truck, crushed to smithereens. She’s a total rock star, and I’m in awe of her. This past new years eve, the four of us got together at their house for dinner, and had the best time. We talked and ate for five hours before the ball dropped, and I watched as my husband and Byron find significant common ground between them. It’s so amazing when your partner gets along with your friends. We drank, ate mass quantities of candy, and shared stories with old friends before ringing in the new year. Hands down one of the best nights!


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