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#261 Surprise lunch with your love

Winter break is over now, and you’re back at work. Boooooooo! However, it’s the first week of January, and many have taken off this week as well, which means that offices are more quiet, roads have less traffic, and you may have a few less clients to see this week. You know what that means? You could go see a move in the middle of the afternoon, which would be an absolute treat. Except that the times don’t quite work out. No worries. You take yourself out for lunch to The Duke of Earl for a traditional Irish lunch, with an assortment of eggs, beans, bacon, toast, potato pancakes and roasted tomatoes. As if that weren’t delightful enough, you call your husband to check in on his day when he tells you that he’s leaving the office early and he will meet you for lunch in 15 minutes. How awesome is that?! How often to you get to enjoy lunch in the middle of the work day with the person you love most on the entire planet? Hardly ever, which makes it that much more special. Unplanned quality time with a loved one pumps a little extra serotonin in your body. And THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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