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#269 Your first book launch party

You wrote a book! Woo woo! There are many people who say they want to write a book but don’t ever sit down to write it. There are others who are more determined, write for some time but don’t finish it. Writing a book is no easy task. It requires self-discipline, planning, organizational skills, creativity and persistence. So if you actually get a book finished, you’ve already won. Congratulations! It’s a pretty huge accomplishment. So be proud of yourself. Now it’s time to celebrate with a book launch party. If you’re lucky, you have an incredible friend who will help you to plan, organize and set up everything just right. You arranged for your talented musician friends to play music, and you’ve bought the chips, chocolate, fruit, and spring rolls to keep everyone nourished. You’ve loaded up the bar with enough alcohol to keep everyone giddy throughout the night. What you didn’t realize is that you’d be sitting behind a table signing books all night, which doesn’t leave you much opportunity for spring rolls, martinis or music. However, you realize something really important as you’re signing those books. Each one is filled with a personalized message of love, support and affection. You’re not just signing your autograph. These people who are buying your book are your family. They have been there over the years to support you, share in your joy, and celebrate your success. So as you write, you realized just how much you are surrounded by an incredible group of people who have become family. Finishing a book is huge, YES! But a family of forty who bring love, support and celebration over the years CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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