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#271 When your kids start to think about others

Every winter my kids ski up north on weekends from January until the end of March. On alternating weekend, my husband and I take the kids up north to their skiing lessons, while on other weekends, their beautiful mom takes them. On this particular weekend, the four of us got up early in the morning to get ready for lessons before heading downstairs to the hotel restaurant for breakfast. My stomach was not feeling great with the whole baby growing inside of it experience, so I opted for a plate of fruit to, shall we say, get the digestive system in working order. Seeing the plate put down in front of me by the waiter, my seven-year-old little girl says, “Just a plate of fruit? You haven’t had a real meal since lunch yesterday,” in an authoritative, paternal tone. My husband and I burst out laughing. But the best part was that she was right. Only seven-years-old, and she’s starting to become the care taker and think about the wellbeing of others. When kids are little, the world revolves around them. It has to for their sheer survival. After a while you start to feel like a maid, a cook, and an overall servant. So when they start to think and act outside themselves, THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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