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#272 When your kids's a little cracker

During the very same breakfast that my daughter was telling me what’s what, she ordered a delicious plate of chocolate chip pancakes. Now, after being told that I needed to eat more than just fruit, the chocolate chips within the pancake begin to glisten and my mouth starts to salivate much like Pavlov’s dog. Of course I’m not going to steal the child’s breakfast; though I admit it has been done before. I knew she had a full day of skiing ahead of her and needed all the carbs she could afford. But let’s be honest, kids don’t eat that much. Most of the time, the adults are encouraging/negotiating with the tiny terrorists to each a few more bites. All I needed was to wait it out until she was finished before I could dive in head first into that chocolately goodness. As predicted, after a few minutes, she had surprisingly finished one entire pancake, and there was one full pancake left remaining. I don’t know if she could see my eyes staring at her food, or the drool sliding down from my mouth. But she looked over at me, and in a tone that indicated not only did she know my tastes but that it was clearly obvious I wanted her goods, she said, “Yes, Jaime, you can have my last pancake.” Again, my husband and I burst out laughing. What a little cracker!


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