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#274 Creating your own personal snack mix

Creating your personal snack mix after working a full Saturday - You don’t normally work on Saturdays, but you drag your butt out of bed and get ready to spend a full day at the office. You don’t mind that much actually, but of course you’d rather be in bed reading and watching old episodes of Hart of Dixie or the O.C. Nonetheless, you are here for the day. So it’s nice to have a little treat at the end for when you do curl up on the couch with your latest episode. When you finally finish the day, get off the subway and walk into the convenience store, you look around for a special treat. The problem is that there are so many good choices. You decide to switch gears and go with plan C, a mix of all your favourites. A bag of delectable ketchup Doritos, Smartfood popcorn, Salt and vinegar Miss Vicky chips, Cheesies, and Sour cream and onion Ruffles. When you get home, you pour a little bit of each into a bowl and prepare yourself for what I can only imagine heaven tastes like. So go ahead and buy a few treats, because creating your very own perfect snack mix CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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