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#275 Weekend at the cottage with your besties

Sometimes in life you meet soulmates of varying degrees. I have my husband. But I also have a couple women in my life who I have no doubt are also my soulmates. You know you were meant to cross paths and be in each other’s lives for a very long time. I met Jesyca and Stacie while I was living in Chicago for graduate school. One of the craziest parts was discovering that we all lived on the same block in an area called The Goldcoast. Literally, we lived on three out of four corners of one block. What are the odds? So we hung out a lot. We had dinner together, watched shows together and made many memories sharing our lives over those two years I lived in Chicago. We connected almost daily and saw each other at least twice a week. We were each other’s life lines. So when I moved back to Toronto after graduation, it was hard.

Jesyca moved home to New York and Stacie eventually moved to Denver. It felt like a loss. We were disconnected. But every time we spoke it felt as if not a moment had passed. We tried to see each other but lives got busy between work and family. So it had been a few years since we all reunited. It was time to put my foot down and get us together again. I booked two flights, sent them the confirmation numbers, and packed my own bag for quality time with my girls at the cottage. After a few years, there is much catching up and processing to do amongst three therapists. We unpacked, had some food and sat down on the couch to process, connect and heal, which is exactly what we did. We took breaks to get food, have some wine, watch episodes of This is Us, and laugh in between the tears. I had moments when I was sitting on the couch watching them, and so grateful that they were there, sitting together, connecting once again. My favourite people all together. It was the best weekend I’ve had in a long time. And one I’ll remember and treasure forever. We made a commitment to each other to do it again once a year because we all recognized how valuable it was for all of us. Because getting together with your best girls for a weekend of talking, laughing, crying, eating, drinking and healing CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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