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#279 Home alone for the weekend

Home alone for the weekend - this past weekend my husband took the kids up north skiing for their lessons. They left Friday night and wouldn’t be back until Sunday. Woo woo for me! I would be working both Saturday and Sunday but I did have the evenings to myself. I picked up my favourite Thai food Friday night, rented a flick off iTunes and curled up on the sofa after cleaning up the house enough so that I could relax. At 35 weeks pregnant, it’s becoming increasingly hard to relax. But with an empty house and nothing to do but what I want, chances get significantly better. I stuffed my face with Thai food, sampled the homemade brownies my neighbour dropped off that day, and danced in the living room to the soundtrack of The Greatest Showman. So kick your husband and kids out for an evening or two if you can; because spending some quality time alone CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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