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#28 Journaling

Journaling is a great way to relieve stress. We have all these thoughts swirling around in our head, making us just a little bit crazy. Our heads are full to capacity. Journaling provides an opportunity to literally dump everything that is taking up space in your mind. It’s kind of like taking out the garbage; because let’s be honest, most of that stuff swimming around up there is just that. Garbage. And more importantly, it gets in our way of enjoying life, being present with our loved ones, and focusing on the task at hand. We simply do not have enough room for it all. We need space. In order to think more clearly, to make more rational decisions, to breathe, we need space. Journaling is a great way to create that space. You don’t have to worry that those thoughts, ideas or tasks will disappear forever because they will be right there in your journal for you to look at whenever you need to. And sometimes something magical happens. Even though the words you write down are the same that are in your beautiful little noggin, when you can visually see them, you can get clarity on the issue. I’m not entirely sure how this happens. But I can tell you that I’ve experienced it myself; like an A-HA moment while looking at my words. Very cool stuff!

You know what’s even cooler? Buying a brand new beautiful, navy blue leather bound journal. On the cover it reads, ‘Do great work. Be kind. Make it happen. Do you what you love. Inspire. Be Awesome.



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