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#283 The first time your baby sleeps through the night

While your baby is a miracle, the first eight to twelve weeks are not. There are joyous moments to be sure. Listening to her breathing while she sleeps on you, which slows down your own heart rate. Feeling her soft, angel-like skin on yours, and kissing her over and over until it’s time for her to nap. However, she’s up every few hours to feed, which means so are you. They tell you to sleep when she sleeps. But who can sleep in the middle of the day on command? Not me. So you push through in a full-on zombie-like state until you can’t see straight, and have the impulse to murder anyone who gets in the way of your chocolate-covered strawberries. Even a simple look can set you off. You are completely sleep deprived and it sucks big time. You’ve got vomit in your hair, poop in your hands, and formula nestled deep into the confines of your nostrils. You’re at your end. And then one magical night, the baby sleeps for eight hours straight. You wake up with a sensation of clarity for the first time, and the desire to commit a crime has significantly decreased in intensity. You can see colours again. So hang in there. Sleep will find you again. And that Changes Everything!


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