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#285 The first time you wash your hair after a week

Experts say that it’s not good to wash your hair daily because it can dry it out. Well, if that’s not an excuse to avoid bathing, I don’t know what is. The truth is, like most kids, I hated getting in the shower. Now as an adult, things have changed (just don’t ask my husband to back my story). I LOVE the shower. Aside from my bed, the shower is my favourite place to be. The warm, soothing water massaging my shoulders, neck and back is enough to loosen the muscles and dispense the stress of the day. I could spend a half an hour in there (this could be corroborated by my husband). When you have a newborn, however, you not only do not have a half an hour to shower, you don’t have five minutes. That rugrat needs you 24/7 at the beginning. So when a friend comes over to take the baby while you wash your hair for the first time after a week, that truly changes everything!


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