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#288 Updating your website after six years

The truth is, I thought my website was fine the way it was. My husband and I worked together to design the website for my private practice some six years ago, and it turned out great. It had the colour palate that felt soft, warm and inviting. It was simple, informative and easy to navigate. I kept telling my husband that it was great. It had exceeded many other therapist websites I had seen before. But he was adamant that it needed an update. This time, he took the full reins, knowing my style and what I wanted. I was nervous because I had to relinquish full control (no small task for me), but I also didn’t want to create unnecessary conflict between us. So I let him run with it, knowing how insanely talented he is creatively and that I could also make some tweaks if changes needed to be made. The result? No physical harm came to him, and changes were not needed. My husband designed the most beautiful website. And I am beyond grateful.


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