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#291 When the shirt you've had your eye on goes on sale

WHEN THE SHIRT YOU’VE BEEN EYEING ONLINE IS ON SALE AT A STORE YOU WOULD NEVER WALK INTO, REDUCED 70%. JACKPOT! – I’m a picky shopper. I admit it. I rarely find things (I can them pieces) I love. That’s my measure for buying clothes. I have to love it. If I like it, I’m not allowed to buy it. If I’m only at the ‘like’ marker, I will only start to doubt myself and over time, that ‘like’ will turn to ambivalence, which means I’ll never wear it. You have to LOVE it and feel amazing in it when you look in the mirror. That’s how I shop and have managed to fill my wardrobe with pieces I love over the years. It’s taken a long time, and I don’t have a lot of clothes. But I LOVE the ones I have and wear them over and over again. It’s an investment, and most of the time, I am shopping outside of Toronto. A few months ago I discovered an amazing clothing line. It is based out of Paris, and while the pieces are fabulous, they also cost a small fortune. So I put my pieces into my basket and waited patiently for them to go on sale, which is exactly what happened. I immediately hit the order button, elated not only that I would be getting the pieces I loved, but I would also be saving hundreds of dollars. Now tell me, how does THAT not CHANGE EVERYTHING?!


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