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#293 Napping together with your baby

There are few greater pleasures than napping with your little one. So here are the steps for setting it up just right:

1. Safety comes first – Make sure that your baby is safe and cannot roll off the bed or couch. I would usually nap on the part of the couch which has an arm, so that she is safe.

2. Make sure you set yourself up with a blanket and proper pillow positioning, because once she falls asleep, you’ll be stuck there for some time and want to avoid any neck injuries. You need the rest too, so make sure you’re comfortable with a solid blanket. I usually use the queen size quilt and make a sleeping bag so that I’ve got the blanket on top and underneath me. Choose whatever works for you.

3. Rock your tiny miracle to sleep and slowly (without waking her) crawl into your napping bed, nestling her in your arms or right onto your chest. Feel her soft skin against yours and listen to her angelic little breaths, as you both drift into a peaceful sleep.


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