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#30 Getting your first singing role

After performing in my first play ‘Les Miserables’ in which I played the role of ‘Prostitute #17’ (impressive, right?!), I was ready for more. Sure, it was great to strut around in eighteenth-century slutty clothes flirting with other actors on the stage. But I now knew I was capable of more; or at least I wanted more. Big Time. So when ‘A Chorus Line’ came up next, it was the perfect gateway bigger parts. I had danced my entire life, and ‘A Chorus Line’ was ALL about dance. So seventy-five percent of me was in my comfort zone. The other twenty-five percent thought I could distract them from my lack of talent with dance and humour. Judge me if you will, but I was using what I had. It’s also highly likely that I had a shot of vodka before walking into that audition room. And by ‘highly likely’ I mean there was no way I was singing in front of a table full of people without it. I walked in the room, knees still shaking and trying to make jokes to warm them, and myself, up. I set up my song, stood in the middle of the room, and belted out all I had. My regular voice sounds like Minnie Mouse most of the time, which was a perfect fit for the role of ‘Maggie’ a shy, sweet dancer who sang with two others in ‘At the Ballet.’ And guess what happened? I got the part of Maggie! Of course it’s possible that the production team casted me in that role because there weren’t that many people who auditioned. But it was mine! As rehearsals began and we practiced our song, I realized I didn’t sound as bad as I once thought, my self-esteem began to rise, and I was having a great time.

Getting a singing part for the first time, and realizing you don’t, in fact, totally suck – CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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