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#300 Picking a booger out of your nose

C’mon just admit it. You pick your nose. I mean who doesn’t? Seriously. Okay, maybe my father doesn’t but I think he’s lying. It’s such a normal part of human functioning. You use your nose for breathing, which is kind of important for, you know, survival. So if something is prohibiting you from breathing, would you not naturally attempt to remove that obstacle? Of course you would. So why are we all hush hush about it? Why is there shame with nose picking? I’m not saying to go out and pick your friends nose. I’m not promoting nose picking in the car, especially if your windows aren’t tinted. And I’m certainly not encouraging you to pick that bad boy and flick it across the room. All I’m saying is, that when there is a decent sized booger that is blocking your nasal passageway, go get it, because being able to breathe freely CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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