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#302 When your baby snuggles up against you during book time

WHEN YOUR BABY SNUGGLES UP AGAINST YOU DURING BOOK TIME – I don’t know about your baby, but my little monkey likes to sit up during book time. She gets excited to turn the pages on her own or lift the flaps on each page to discover a bunny rabbit, turtle, or baby, the latter from her favourite book, Baby Feminist. We read about Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Michelle and Barak Obama, Billy Jean King, Dr. Mae Jamieson, Malala Yusafsai, Gloria Steinam and Dorothy Pitman Hughes. It’s pretty amazing that it’s her preferred book each night. She’s getting bored of most of her books, so she sits up to choose what she wants to hear. She’s in the action. But once she finds her selection, she settles back into mama’s lap and leans against my body, which is just about the best feeling there is. So let your baby choose her books, because snuggling with your little angel CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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