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#303 When your baby puts her head down on your shoulder

WHEN YOUR BABY PUTS HER HEAD DOWN ON YOUR SHOULDER – She’s getting sleepy. You’ve caught the signals, which may include rubbing her eyes, yawning or starting to get a little cranky. Another sign is when you find her face down in the jolly jumper, out cold. In this case, you’ve slightly missed the sign. But it’s okay because she’s tired and ready for sleep. You put her in the sleep sack, and while she’s slightly alert again and wants to look around her room with all the pictures of her family, she is tired and will not last long. After a few minutes of scanning her room, her head plunks down on your chest, which feels amazing and means she’s on her way to Neverland with Peter and Tink. It also means that the end of your day is near and you can begin to unwind in your bed with your favourite show. So enjoy those last few snuggles with your little ankle biter, because in just a few minutes, it’s all about you.


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