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#307 Birthday food massages and dinner with your sisters

BIRTHDAY FOOT MASSAGES AND DINNER WITH YOUR SISTERS – For my 42nd birthday, my two sisters took me for an hour long foot massage followed by dinner. We all left our partners at home with the kids so that we could spend some quality time together. We are all busy, so getting to coordinate that time together can be challenging, which makes it all that more special when we do. On this particular day, we all removed our pants, butts out, and sat in the chairs side by side, while our feet were rubbed down. I apologized for the state of hair on my legs. One sister was moaning inappropriately. And the other was snoring like a eighty year old hog. I’m pretty sure she was still looking at her phone while completely unconscious. It was a sight to see, and the two remaining conscious siblings began to giggle. They made fun of me for my low pain threshold and had to pour cold water into the bucket before I could actually put my feet in without wincing. I looked at them back and forth, as I was in the middle, and felt so lucky to have the coolest, craziest sisters in all the land. The massages were then followed by dinner, where we feasted, drank, and essentially had group therapy. After looking at the dessert menu and realizing that every item was too fancy for my taste buds, I excused myself to the bathroom. When I returned, there was a bowl of chocolate ice cream with fudge and a candle awaiting my arrival. This is why sisters are the best. They know your taste buds are trailer-esque, and make it happen just for you. They give you quality time, poke fun at you, and are your biggest supporters/therapists. I could not be more lucky.


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