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#309 The 7-minute workout app

SEVEN MINUTE WORKOUT APP – Because you can do it absolutely anywhere and get a full body workout. No need to travel in the icy cold temperatures to get to the gym, freezing your butt off. It’s seven minutes people. You can do anything for seven minutes. It’s thirty seconds of twelve different exercises, which again, you can do anywhere. Got a wall? Great, you can do a wall sit. Got a floor? Great, you can do jumping jacks, lunges and squats. Got a coffee table? Great, you can do step-ups and tri-cep dips. Got a floor? Super. You can do sit-ups and planks. Thirty seconds per exercise and you get a full body workout. I used to jog for half an hour or go on the elliptical five times a week, and I thought I was strong. Now I’m seeing muscles I didn’t even know I had. AND, it’s making me want to eat better too. Well, mostly. So go download the seven minute workout, because carving out time to take care of yourself and feeling strong CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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