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#310 The Notes section on your phone

NOTES SECTION ON YOUR PHONE – Name me three people who aren’t juggling a hundred and one balls between work, family and kids. I bet you can’t. Our head is a constant stream of tasks we need to get done and remember. There isn’t enough space for it all and it can lead to feeling overwhelmed. We are stressed and are not enjoying the present moment because our minds are in a constant state of what needs to get done next. Throw in the laundry, change the laundry, fold the laundry, wash the dishes in the sing, return your clients email, pay the bill, empty the dishwasher, make the kids lunches, make sure the kids shower (you know when your ten-year-old voluntarily tells you he needs to shower it’s been too long), check in to see if homework is done, make dinner, pick up milk, feed baby, change baby, write blog, post blog, pick up laundry at cleaners, buy toothpaste. Need I go on? There is way too much to juggle and it’s getting in our way of being present with ourselves and others. No problem. This is what the notes section of your phone is designed for. Got something that needs to be done, but you can’t do it in that moment? Write it down so that it’s not taking up space in that beautiful brain of yours. Because clearing out your mind provides you with some peace, quiet and time to connect with those you love. And THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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