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#312 Taking a mini break

TAKING A MINI BREAK – You work hard and sometimes it can feel like you’re on a hamster wheel, repeating the same motions each day. There is so much to get done that, often times, you and your partner are dividing and conquering until the day ends when you both finally collapse in bed. By that point you’re both too tired to do anything but zone out watching television before passing out. It can feel like you’re living parallel lives in the same house. So it’s important to take some time out, not just to escape the minus fifteen temperatures and catch up on sleep, but to reconnect with your partner, remembering all the things you love about each other.

So here are the steps to taking that break:

1. Only use a carry-on bag because a) You don’t want to waste a single moment at baggage

claim, or take the chance of losing your bag, and b) You’re only going for a few days and

realistically won’t wear half the clothes you brought.

2. Bring a hat if you’ve got one. But if you don’t or forget yours at home, fear not. The gift shop

at the hotel will have a sexy, spare floppy hat ready for the taking.

3. Once you sit down on your beach/pool chair, take in a deep breath and do not worry about

the kids at home because you’ve left them in good hands. And you always have the nanny

cam to check up on them.

4. Order the pina colada or strawberry dacquiri (or both) for an afternoon buzz. Just don’t

forget the honey mustard pretzels because they make for a great combination.

5. Breathe in the ocean air

6. Walk along the ocean and listen to the sounds of the waves

7. Sleep. Make sure you give yourself enough time before dinner to have a nap, because a) You

need to catch up on sleep, b) You deserve it, and c) Why not?

8. Eat like a king and then return to your room to curl up in bed with your partner and watch a

movie before dozing off into a peaceful sleep.


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