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#314 Bringing only a carry-on bag

NOT CHECKING YOUR BAGS WHEN TRAVELLING – You’ve had a wonderful vacation. Well deserved. You’ve done everything you set out to do, and now it’s time to return home to real life. It’s been a full day of travelling, including some turbulence of which you were not a fan. Your ‘fight/flight’ reflex kicks in, and you feel the sweat begin to build in your armpits. You focus on the latest Mission Impossible film, which is actually quite entertaining as you watch Tom Cruise literally break his foot when jumping off a building. Seriously, he broke his foot and that was the only shot they got. It’s like watching ‘Behind the scenes’ but in the actual movie. I digress. The movie diverted your attention from the turbulence but by the time the plane lands, you’re sweaty, smell like a hog in mud and just want to get home. Which is why it’s important to not check your luggage. With just your carry-on bag, you can simply exit the airport, hop into a taxi and crawl into your new beautiful king size bed.


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