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#317 The Squatty Potty

SQUATTY POTTY – In 2013 I had colon cancer. That certainly changed things. That said, I was incredibly lucky. I recognize getting cancer is not lucky. However, mine was caught early enough that I was able to have surgery and that was it. It was scary, of course. Colon cancer is not something that a healthy thirty-six year old gets, but there it was. Even my gastroenterologist was surprised. Cancer does not discriminate. It was scary but my troops rallied around me and I knew I was in good hands with my brilliant and hunky surgeon. I surrendered myself into his hands, and believe that I would be okay. Thankfully, he got it all and I was okay. I healed quickly and then went back to regular life. Like I said, I am one of the lucky ones.

Shortly after I had recovered, my care taking husband showed me a video of The Squatty Potty, which he had just purchased. Aside from the brilliant and hysterical ad, the product itself proved to be of great value. The Squatty Potty is a stool shaped to wrap itself around the bottom of your toilet, so that your knees are raised to a squatting position, allowing the internal parts of your derriere to open freely (to put it nicely). And it works. It really does. It’s as if you’ve just taken a kink out of the garden hose. So go out and get yourself the Squatty Potty, or at the very least, watch the video for it, because having an easy bowel movement CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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