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#318 King Size Beds

KING SIZE BEDS - When I first got married, I asked my friends who had been married for years what the secret was. One of the keys, apparently, was a king size bed. I laughed it off. My husband and I had a queen bed and we liked it just fine. We were cozy and we liked it that way. At first we were so afraid of hitting or kicking each other in the night that we slept on either corners of the bed, with a huge gap in the middle. Eventually we decided that if our legs were going to cross at some point in the evening, we may as well start that way. So we snuggled up against each other while watching a show, which actually made us fall asleep within minutes. It worked for us.

Then one day we decided to take the king plunge because our mattress was old and no longer supporting our old and brittle backs. I get it now people. I get it. With a king size bed, you have the option of snuggling against your partner. But when you want your space to spread out without the fear of injuring your loved one, the king grants you that wish. You can have time to connect with your partner, and have a peaceful nights sleep. And THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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