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#325 Curling up in the corner spot of the couch

CURLING UP IN THE CORNER SPOT OF THE COUCH – Curling up in the corner spot of the couch when you’re home alone is one of life’s greatest pleasures. If you’ve got a queen size blanket, open it up at to put half of the blanket underneath you and the other half folded on top like a sleeping bag. You are now in a warm cocoon, like ‘pigs in a blanket’, a delicious little breakfast burrito. And that’s just the beginning. You’ve got the best seat in the house. We’re talking VIP section here. There is actually only one VIP spot on this couch, and you’ve won the golden ticket. But before you get in there, you’ve got to get all the right pieces in place first. So don’t curl up just yet. You’ll need support for your head of course. Now, you could use the throw pillows that are already conveniently located on the couch, or you can walk up a few stairs to your bedroom to get the pillow that snuggles your beautiful head and holds you all night long. Go get it now. Don’t worry, I’ll wait. One mississipi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi. Okay, you back yet? Good. Now, place that pillow in it’s rightful position so that your head has the right amount of support while still allowing the pillow to give a little as your head settles in. Just don’t settle in yet! Sorry. We’re almost there. You need to get your favourite snack ready. For me, it’s a personalized mixed bowl of Smartfood popcorn, Cheesies, Doritos and Sunchips; either that or sweet & salty popcorn. But this is where you get to create the perfect snack for you. Maybe it’s nachos (rock on!) or maybe it’s a bowl of ice cream (respect!). Whatever you choose, I fully support you. So get out there and make your snack without an ounce of guilt. This is your moment to bask in pleasure. Once you’re ready, you may now return to your throne and settle in to watch your favourite show (Friends, The O.C., Ally McBeal, That 70’s show, Law & Order). Whatever your jam, enjoy every minute of it because it’s rare, and because CURLING UP IN THE CORNER SPOT CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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